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Our local rug cleaners provide a high-quality service and professional clean for any type of rug.

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Our Sydney rug cleaning service will go to any suburb in the metropolitan area to clean, sanitise, and deodorise your rug.

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We have a specialised cleaning process designed to effectively clean your rug and leave it hygienically clean and fresh.

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Our professional service will come to you anywhere in the Sydney metropolitan area to clean, sanitise, and deodorise your rug. Our service prides itself on great customer service and amazing results from our cleans.

We are professional rug cleaners and can clean any type of rug, no matter the material or style. We can clean wool, nylon, acrylic, shaggy, cotton, silk, Oriental and Persian, viscose, olefin, jute, sisal, polypropylene, and more!

Our professional services also include stain removal treatment, rug dry cleaning, steam cleaning, urine treatment, water damage treatment, carpet fibre protection, sanitisation, deodorising, and odour control.

We will come to you anywhere in Sydney and operate 7-days a week. We deliver amazing results and you too can benefit from this. Make a booking today so an expert technician can freshen up your rug with a hygienic and professional clean.

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Sydney City Rug Cleaning Services

Natural Rugs

Natural Fibres

Natural fibers, both vegetable and animal, must be treated delicately since they almost always have a jute backing which, if excessively wet, can shrink or release the colour.

Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic Fibres

Carpets made of acetate, polyamide, polypropylene, nylon, rayon, olefin, and acrylic are defined as synthetic fibres and can be cleaned using various methods and techniques.

Wool Rugs

Wool is one of the most common materials for making rugs. Designed or combined with other natural fibers, wool rugs are pleasant both to the touch and to the eye. Warm, soft, durable, and practical, wool rugs have a simple and sophisticated charm.

If you want rooms with a refined and impeccable style, without sacrificing comfort, choose a wool rug and you will give a corner of charm and elegance to your home.

Special Rugs

From compact weaves to more resistant polypropylene, rugs made with these materials can have particular performances and characteristics and therefore are suitable for specific uses both in high traffic areas and in commercial activities.

We also do Oriental and Persian rug cleaning Sydney in addition to silk and vintage rugs.

Synthetic Rugs

Synthetic and artificial fibers, developed in a laboratory, are used to produce finished and resistant carpets. It is an unalterable material, resistant to dirt and easy to clean.

The synthetic fibers, including polyamide and polypropylene, allow you to obtain ideal design products for highly frequented environments, such as offices or public spaces, and for humid environments such as the bathroom. Choose a synthetic carpet to furnish both indoor and outdoor environments with practicality and style.

Cotton Rugs

Cotton is a natural and soft material that is very popular for household furniture and rugs. They need to be cleaned accordingly to their moisture durability so that they don't get too much and brownout.

Our rug cleaners know how to clean a cotton rug properly with the right levels of moisture and correct cleaning solutions that can treat stains and marks while also leaving the rug clean, deodorised, and sanitised to a professional and hygienic standard.

Shaggy Rugs

The term "shaggy" means "long pile", immediately referring to the soft nature of the infamous carpet style born in the 70s.

It is a material that gives personality and thanks to its softness it can also be used as a great carpet for children to lay on. These types of rugs also have a propensity to hold debris between their fibres.

Available in bright pop colours, distinct shapes, and even natural and synthetic materials, shaggy rugs are ideal for all homes.

Viscose Rugs

Viscose is a semi-synthetic fiber obtained from cellulose which, through various processes, takes on an appearance similar to silk. Unfortunately, they are passed off as real silk rugs and are not stain-resistant or designed for areas that receive any foot traffic, due to how easily they soil, have loose fibres, and are weak in construction.

Rugs made with this material have a bright appearance and are smooth and soft to the touch. Unfortunately, that's as good as they get and they are not practical and easily get permanent damage from minor spillages and traffic, making them one of the worst fibres you could have.

Our Rug Cleaning Methods

Rug Steam Cleaning Sydney

Rug Steam Cleaning

To perform this carpet cleaning technique, steam and rotating machines or other extraction and injection methods will be used. The cleaning solution loosens the dirt while the steam cleaning machine injects water into the carpet fibres and has a vacuum to extract the dirt and water that are then flushed out.

Rug Dry Cleaning Sydney

Rug Dry Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning can effectively remove dirt, eliminate traces of stains, destroy fungi and bacteria, and prevent bad odors. It uses a rotary brush to agitate deep into the carpet fibres and uses far less moisture than a traditional steam clean. For some types of rugs, this is the best cleaning method to use.

Our rug cleaning Sydney service are the experienced professionals for the job and will decide the best cleaning method to use either when giving you a quote or upon inspection of your rug. Because of our expertise, we know the best cleaning solutions and methods to apply so that we can deliver you the best possible result. We believe we are the industry leaders so trust the professional rug cleaners and make a booking with us today.

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Why It’s Important to Clean Rugs

Choosing the most efficient and economical Sydney rug cleaning service is not as easy as it seems, since cleaning these surfaces is a complicated and laborious process that not all cleaning companies can perform correctly.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a company specialised in washing carpets and rugs, both in residential and commercial environments, to guarantee an optimal result. We perform cleaning, sanitation, washing, and stain removal for rugs to the Sydney metropolitan area.

Carpets and rugs are surfaces that need a good cleaning, maintenance, and care since over time, they are among the elements that suffer the most from a heavy accumulation of dirt, allergens, and contaminants. Since these surfaces are capable of accumulating so much dirt and bacteria, they must be regularly cleaned by a specialist company.

Comtemporary Grey Rug

Rugs are comfortable, elegant and an excellent insulator. They are also an ideal hideout for dust, germs, and bacteria. For this reason, constant cleaning and sanitisation are necessary, in order to prevent the growth of mites and the possible fermentation of organic residues and unpleasant odours.

To ensure deep sanitation, you may often find yourself in need of professional services; our rug cleaning Sydney company offers a specialised service for washing carpets or rugs of any type, fabric, and size in different types of environments. We can produce excellent results thanks to our professional experience and expertise. No matter the type of rug you have, we can handle it. So trust the professionals for an amazing service and make a booking with Sydney City Rug Cleaning now.

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