Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning Sydney

Our Oriental and Persian rug cleaning Sydney services will come to you anywhere in Sydney. We go to any suburb and can freshen up your rug with a professional, hygienic clean. No matter if your rug has stains that need to be treated or just need a general clean to keep them fresh, we are the experienced team for the job when it comes to Persian and Oriental rug cleaning in Sydney.

Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning Sydney Service

We are a specialist Oriental and Persian rug cleaning Sydney service and can handle any type of rug. We specialise in Oriental and Persian rug types and know the best cleaning methods and techniques to apply to get the best results. We will come to you anywhere in the Sydney metropolitan area so you can be sure that we have rug cleaners near you.

We can clean any type of rug including Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Chinese Rugs, Indian Rugs, Armenian Rugs, Pakistani Rugs, Afghan Rugs, Indian Rugs, Armenian Rugs, Oriental Carpets, Persian Carpets, Turkish Carpets, Synthetic Rugs, Antique Rugs, Natural Rugs, Round Persian Rugs, Blue Persian Rugs, White Persian Rugs, and more!

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Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning Sydney Service

If your rug has a problem such as urine stains, water damage, gum, coffee, tea, slime, or more, we can treat it for you. We have a specialised cleaning process designed to effectively clean, sanitise, and deodorise rugs while leaving them fresh and hygienically clean. We have two types of professional rug cleaning services with rug steam cleaning and rug dry cleaning. We will decide the best method to apply on your rug either during the quotation process or upon inspection of your rug.

Different Types of Persian and Oriental Rugs

There are many different types of Persian and Oriental rugs out there. The good news is; we clean them all! No matter the type that you have, we will be able to freshen it up for you. We work with all Persian and Oriental rugs in Sydney including:

Qashqai, Chinese Silk, Bokhara, Kapoutrang, Bibikabad, Borchelou, Bakshaish, Kilim, Gorevan, Ikat, Karaja, Jozan, Flokati, Kazvin, Kirman, Moud, Hamadan, Ferahan, Senneh, Flat Weave, Baluch, Qum, Abadeh, Kerman, Gabbeh, Balouchi, Dergazine, Nain, Baktiyar, Kashan, Josheghan, Bakhtiari, Hussainabad, Afshar, Enjilas, Hand-Knotted, Chenar, Isfahan, Mashad, Bidjar, Ardebil, Tabriz, Khamseh, and more!

Book a professional Oriental and Persian rug cleaning Sydney service with Sydney City Rug Cleaning so that we can freshen it up for you and give it a hygienic clean.

Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning Sydney Tips

Regularly Vacuum

Oriental and Persian carpets can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner taking care to follow the direction of the pile to avoid breaking or damaging the fibers.

This also aids in the removal of dirt, dust, pollutants, and allergen particles that are living in your rug and could be causing potential harm to you.

Adjust The Beater Bar

Don't use a beater bar that is too low as this can push into the carpet fibres too deeply and possibly damage them.

This way the brush enters the pile of the carpet with less intensity and with a better result, sucking up the dust that has settled near the knots. Don't use a beater bar on viscose or silk rugs.

Careful With Fringes

Don’t worry too much about the fringes. Cleaning rug fringes should be done by a professional that can safely do it without causing damage.

If you try to do it yourself, there's a chance that they could break or become loose in addition to being over-bleached from incorrect procedures.

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