Rug Steam Cleaning Sydney

Rug steam cleaning is a very effective method of rug cleaning and could make your rug look new again. Due to their location on the floor, rugs are exposed to all kinds of different elements. For cleaning rugs either in offices or private homes, it is essential to have a good team and local rug cleaning company that ensures the health and hygiene of your rug after a good clean.

Because rugs are a favorable place for dust mites, bacteria, and other organisms, we advise you to carry out a professional rug deep cleaning every year. Our rug cleaning company in Sydney specialises cleaning all types of rugs including long or short pile, natural textile fibers such as wool or cotton, synthetic acrylic carpets, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, sisal, coconut, jute, bamboo, fake silk - viscose, and many others.

Whether rug steam cleaning is the right method or not will depend on your type of rug and its condition, which we will access and determine for you.

Rug Steam Cleaning Sydney Services

Rug Steam Cleaning Sydney Service

We use hot water extraction machines and powerful cleaning solutions to thoroughly wash and clean dirty rugs. Our professional rug cleaners know the best methods and techniques to apply so all you need to do is make sure we can easily access your rug. Here is how a typical steam clean would progress:

1. The carpet is vacuumed using a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter that retains particles smaller than 0.3 microns (therefore, it can also suck up mites and their droppings)

2. A liquid solution containing a detergent and disinfectant is applied by manual or mechanical brushing to act on the organisms that reside on the carpet, such as mites and dirt particles.

3. The solution is agitated into the rug so that its particles can activate and start working on attacking the dirt and grime.

4. We let the solution dwell for a bit so that it can work for longer.

5. The solution is then flushed with water and extracted along with the loosened particles.

6 . We then allow the rug to dry properly so that it doesn't start to grow mould or get cellulosic browning.

7. The rug is returned to you after it's been professionally cleaned and properly dried.

Sydney City Rug Cleaning is the right team for the job and will love to freshen up your rug. We also specialise in Persian and Oriental rug cleaning in addition to cleaning all types of rugs so contact us to make a booking.

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